Renovation work of any kind can be quite expensive; however, kitchen remodelling tends to be especially costly. In addition to new flooring, cabinetry, appliances, splashbacks, tiles and hardware, there's also the added expense of re-plastering and painting the walls. If you'd like to renovate your kitchen but are hesitant to do so because of the costs involved, here are a few ways to make this type of project more affordable.

Revamp rather than replace

Replacing certain features, such as the cabinetry, can leave a very large hole in your wallet. One way to avoid this particular expense is to re-paint your current cabinets instead. Provided the doors and the framework are both structurally sound, this is a relatively simple job that can be done over the course of a couple of days. Even when the cost of the sandpaper, paint and varnish are taken into account, revamping your cabinets will still cost you far less than replacing them.

You may also want to consider purchasing some new drawer pulls and knobs, and perhaps some crown moulding (to mount above the upper cabinets). These small details will help to transform the look of both the cabinets themselves and the kitchen as a whole.

Similarly, instead of buying a whole new set of tiles (which could easily cost several hundred dollars, if not more), consider sprucing up the existing ones, by re-grouting and cleaning them. If you're not pleased with the current pattern or colour, you could also purchase some inexpensive tile stickers.

Be careful with your choice of contractors

Kitchen renovations usually require the services of several different tradesmen, including plumbers, plasterers and electrical contractors, to name just a few. A disorganised, inexperienced or unreliable tradesman can have a very significant impact on your budget; if they take longer than expected to complete the job, or deliver poor-quality results, you could end up having to hire another contractor to replace them.

As such, one of the best ways to ensure that you stick to your allotted budget and keep your renovation affordable is to do your due diligence when selecting tradesmen. Make sure to check their references, and don't accept verbal estimates and agreements; instead, have a written contract drawn up, which states the exact timeline, the materials that will be required (including the specific brand names, quantities and dimensions), what the tradesman's responsibilities are, the payment terms, as well as what steps will be taken to resolve unforeseen problems (such as delays, issues with building supplies, etc). Try to make the contract terms as unambiguous as possible; failing to clarify things at the beginning could end up costing you a small fortune later on. Click here for info on kitchen renovations.