If you're planning a renovation or remodelling project for your home that involves more than just changing paint colours or swapping out tile, you want to work with a builder rather than tackling the job on your own. Many changes to your home, even those that you think are somewhat minor, can affect its overall structure and even your own safety. Work that is done improperly can also lead to damage of the building materials that can be very expensive to repair. Note when and why it's good to use a builder even for renovation or remodelling projects, both inside and outside the home.

1. If you're not sure where wires and pipes are located

Never assume that plumbing pipes are only located inside the kitchen and bathroom walls, or that there will not be electrical wiring behind walls that don't have outlets and switches. In many cases, wiring and plumbing pipes need to be run through certain walls in order to avoid each other, or your home may have been renovated since it was originally constructed. In turn, the pipes and wiring are not going to be located where you assume.

Rather than just tearing down or tearing through walls, assuming there is nothing behind them, it's good to have a contractor or builder handle any type of demolition work. He or she can easily find pipes and wiring and then also safely work around them or reroute them as needed.

2. Exterior work

If you'll need to pour concrete or are setting down large stones, or if you're doing work on a surface that must handle the weight of vehicles, you want to call a builder to assist. He or she will know how to test the ground's consistency to ensure it can bear the weight of concrete, heavy stone tiles, or even a large carport. Muddy ground or ground that is sandy and soft may easily sink under even a small walkway, causing cracks in the concrete or tiles and making the area very unsafe.

3. Your home already has cracks in the walls or ceiling

Cracks in the walls or ceiling often mean that your home is sinking or settling. If you were to remove any type of support in one area or add weight to the area that is sinking, this could cause the home to settle even more. Those cracks could then get bigger and more pronounced. If your home has any such signs of damage already, rely on a builder to safely remodel or renovate and, if possible, repair that damage at the same time.