A carport is a great choice for a property where you need a bit of extra protection for your car and other items, but don't have the space or budget for a garage. There are many different styles and sizes of carports from which to choose, so you want to ensure you take the time to compare those options before you make a decision; this will ensure you're happy with the carport for years to come. Note a few of those options here before you start shopping.


Aluminium is very lightweight and may not need added bracing or very deep pits for the posts, so it can be an easy and affordable installation. Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion and rust, so it's a good choice in tropical areas or if the carport will be near a pool with the risk of being splashed by pool water and chemicals. However, its lighter weight may put it at greater risk of dents and dings if you should accidentally hit the carport with your car or lawnmower or if children run into it with bikes.

Steel and wood are usually more durable than aluminium when it comes to the risk of dents, but both are heavier and may need deeper, stronger posts, which add to the cost of installation. Wood can be painted if you want to give it a new appearance, but it may also be more prone to mould and mildew. It typically will need to be sealed or otherwise treated to protect it from this damage, so be sure you keep in mind this long-term maintenance cost.

Size and roof style

The size of your carport should first be determined by what a permit allows on your property, as you may be surprised to find that you have a certain limitation as to its width and height. Next, be sure you're choosing something that allows you to comfortably park your car and not risk hitting the side of the carport every time you open your door, something that's easy to overlook for sports cars and other models with longer doors. Note if you also need space for storage of bikes, lawn care equipment, and the like; don't skimp on space just to save money, as you may appreciate the investment of a larger carport once it's installed.

The roof style is also important; for a larger vehicle, you'll want something with plenty of clearance, especially if you tow bikes or anything else on the roof of a sport utility vehicle. Be sure you consider if you need a roof with add sloping so that snow easily runs off  the roof of the carport and doesn't sit on top, weighing it down.