Whether you're an amateur tinkerer or a dedicated hobbyist packing a cornucopia of equipment, anybody who spends extended periods of time in their garage will probably do their best to make it a more comfortable environment. Simple steps, such as adding suitable ventilation and lighting, can do a lot to make a garage a more comfortable place to work, but people interested in making their garage a truly pleasant place to be should seriously consider investing in a skylight.

Having one or more skylights installed in your garage may seem like little more than luxury, but in addition to making your garage a nicer place to work, installing a skylight can also have a number of practical benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of installing a skylight in your garage:

Added ventilation

Proper ventilation is vital for any garage, especially multi-car garages or particularly small and cramped spaces. Installing a skylight can be an excellent way to keep air circulating through your garage, either on its own or in conjunction with an extended ventilation system. If you want your skylight to provide added ventilation, however, make sure to choose a vented model, as smaller fixed and tubular skylights tend not to have ventilation capabilities.

Added light

Any extra light is a boon in a room that usually contains few or no windows, and adding even a small skylight can provide considerable amounts of natural lighting if placed correctly (generally a skylight should be placed close to the centre of your garage roof for maximum light dissipation). The addition of natural light can do a lot to help a garage feel less cramped and enclosed and reduces your reliance on artificial lighting during daylight hours, resulting in lower electricity bills.

Mould reduction

Skylights can also help reduce the amount of mould and mildew that accumulate in your garage, and can be particularly useful for extending the lives of timber trussed garages. The natural light that pours through your skylight acts as a natural fungicide to eliminate mould deposits, while added ventilation from your skylight helps prevent the accumulation of condensation and moisture which can provoke fungal growth.

Aesthetic value

The aesthetic value of a skylight can have more practical effects than simply making your garage a nicer place to be -- installing one in your garage can also improve the resale value of your home. This is particularly true when installed in frontal garages visible from the road, as skylights have excellent curb appeal and make your garage much more inviting during home viewings.

To have a skylight installed in your garage, contact a skylight window manufacturer.