When undertaking a home improvement project, such as repairing your roof or replacing an aged wall in your garden, you need an efficient method of waste disposal. You can place skip bins close to your home, and this allows you to easily deposit your waste materials. Skip bins also help you save time and money that you might have otherwise invested in back and forth trips to the local waste facility.

However, when hiring a skip bin provider to deliver a skip bin to your driveway for ease of access, and added security, you should evaluate the risk of damage to your driveway.

Damage Shouldn't Be an Issue for Gravel Driveways

If you have a gravel driveway, then damage won't become an issue as the type of damage caused by skip bins is usually due to scraping or indentation, neither of which will affect a gravel driveway.

For Asphalt in Summer, Get a Permit From the Council

From December to February, when the weather is hot, consider contacting your local council for a permit to place your skip bin on the road or nature strip if your driveway is made of asphalt.

On hot days, a fully loaded skip bin could leave an indentation on a hot asphalt driveway. Be sure to consider this when planning skip bin placement.

Place Timber Beams Under Your Skip Bin on Concrete Driveways

To protect your concrete block or aggregate driveway from scraping damage, place several timber beams onto the driveway before your skip bin provider arrives with the skip bin. While skip bins are almost always lifted and lowered onto driveways via crane, the weight of a skip bin on a newly paved concrete block driveway could cause the concrete blocks to sink or crack.

Timber beams will ensure that the weight of the skip bin is evenly distributed.

Put Tarps Around Your Skip Bins to Catch Falling Debris

Place tarps around your skip bin to catch any falling debris. On busy days when you are rushing to get a home improvement project completed, you might not have time to carefully place waste into the bin, meaning some debris may fall on the driveway.

Furthermore, by placing tarps around your skip bin, you can avoid damage or dirt that might result from dumpster divers visiting your skip bin when everyone is sleeping.

Inform Your Skip Bin Provider of the Risks

When you call to order your skip, ensure that you inform your skip bin provider of the layout of your home regarding the pavement and driveway. For example, if your driveway is further away from the road than most other driveways, your skip bin provider will need a larger crane to ensure that their truck doesn't crack the public footpath.

By hiring a skip bin for your home improvement project, you save yourself hours if not days of endless trips back and forth to a waste facility. This saves you costs on petrol and waste facility dumping charges, not to mention time that would be better spent finishing off your project. Be sure, however, to select the right spot for your skip before ordering to avoid any unnecessary headaches mid-project.