Instead of ordering for pre-built construction parts from an external contractor, some construction companies opt to operate their own manufacturing facilities where they can make the parts they need for their construction projects. If you are a construction contractor and intend to operate your own parts manufacturing facility, you will need a competent workforce. Getting the right people to work in your manufacturing department is not an easy thing, especially now that experienced candidates are on very high demand.

There are so many places that are teeming with untapped potential that can be channelled into your manufacturing operations – you just need to expand the scope of your search and take a closer look. Here are a number of success strategies you can use to attract new talent for your manufacturing purposes. 

Scout for talent at the high school level

Many students clear high school without having the slightest clue about the career path they would like to take after school. You can organise career talks for high school students to provide information on what you do and what careers and career development opportunities exist in your line of business. If there are any pre-existing misconceptions about working in the manufacturing industry, make sure you take the chance to address them. 

You can also send representatives from your manufacturing plant to attend events like science fairs, so as to scout for fresh talent. Many students will be glad to learn about the career prospects that await them should they decide to work in the manufacturing world. 

Offer apprenticeships

You can provide students with information on what they need to know about working in a manufacturing facility, but if you do not offer any opportunities to join that line of work, your efforts may be futile. So many manufacturers no longer offer apprenticeships to budding manufacturing workers because they consider it to be a costly affair. When properly designed and implemented, apprenticeship programs are still a great way to attract new talent, but the programs will need to be carried out on an ongoing basis. 

Perhaps the greatest upside of providing apprenticeships is that you can create a workforce that meets your exact job requirements, as you will be the sole provider of the knowledge and skills imparted on the apprentices. At the end of the apprenticeships, you can offer the trainees an opportunity to work at your manufacturing facility on a permanent basis.