On April 22, people worldwide celebrate Earth Day, which is a day set aside to encourage people to be more aware of their environmental impact on the world around them. As someone who is always looking for ways to do their part for environmental conservation, now is an opportune time to look at the current water usage in your home. There are two easy ways you can change the amount of water your family uses every day.

Install A Water Purifier On Your Kitchen Faucet

Bottled water is a convenience, but it is not environmentally friendly because of the millions of water bottles that end up in the landfill each year. Installing a water purifier onto your kitchen faucet gives your family the same pure water taste without the leftover bottle problem. Also, purchase a couple of good quality, strong water bottles for your kids that can be used over and over again, and the landfill will thank you.

Some water purifiers can be purchased from a plumbing store and installed yourself, but if you want a good quality system installed, you need the services of a registered plumber or home contractor. Make sure you choose a system with a high-quality water filter that will remove all chlorine and organic contaminants.

Water Leaks

When was the last time you took a close look at the amount of water being consumed in the home and compared it to the daily average for your area? Undetected water leaks can cost you hundreds of dollars and place a strain on water resources.

The first step is to call your local council and ascertain what a house with a family your size is averaging in water usage. Next, pick a point in your day to examine the water meter. This is located close to the boundary of your home and is next to the water cutoff handle. Take a note of the current water meter number and then return 24 hours later to check how far it has moved. Compare this to the average usage given to you by the council. If there is more than a 10% variance between your usage and the average, call a plumber to do a further investigation. They have the supplies needed to fix a water leak for you.

These two small steps might not seem much, but if every home did them, then less water would be used. Do your part to help the world reduce its water usage on this Earth Day.

For more information about your plumbing supplies and usage, contact a professional pluming contractor in your area.