Commercial driveways are often subjected to heavy vehicular traffic. For that reason, business owners and/or managers must make sure that they use a construction material that can hold up well against the heavy use for a reasonably long time without requiring early replacement. Concrete is a common choice of construction material when it comes to installation of commercial driveways. This is largely because concrete is resilient and durable, and can therefore provide superior resistance to structural damage that may occur on driveways over time.

Even though they're incredibly hardwearing, concrete driveways are not invulnerable. Over time, they too give in to the wear of normal use and constant exposure to the elements. But the rate at which these concrete structures get damaged can be slowed down with proper upkeep. 

If you're planning to install a concrete driveway on your commercial property, here are some crucial maintenance tips you can follow to ensure you get maximum lifespan from the installation. 

Keep the driveway clean

Many people think that general cleaning of concrete driveways is only required for aesthetic purposes, but it is a job that can actually prolong the lifespan of the concrete. Over time, the concrete surface can accumulate dirt, debris, mould, mildew, motor oil and other elements that will make the driveway look unsightly, but also slowly degrade the concrete if not removed routinely. 

Routine pressure/power washing of the driveway with the right concrete cleaning products can go a long way in removing the destructive elements and lengthening the service life of your driveway. Manual cleaning of your driveway may be a labourious option because commercial driveways typically stretch over long distances. Avoid using harsh cleaning chemicals on your concrete driveway, as they can deteriorate the concrete. 

Ensure the driveway is properly sealed

Concrete material is porous in nature. If its surface is left exposed, water can seep into the concrete and cause serious structural damage to the subbase and subgrade, which form the foundation of any concrete construction. To ensure that the surface of your concrete driveway is protected from water damage, concrete sealer should be applied. 

Concrete sealer is a concreting product that is specially formulated to prevent water permeation through concrete surfaces. It is typically applied on newly installed concrete that has been allowed enough time to cure properly and when repairs have been performed on cracked concrete. UV light inhibitors may be added to concrete sealers so as to prevent premature deterioration of the protective surface treatment.