A new home builder may offer you a few different plans that you can purchase and use to then construct your home. Depending on the home builder, this can mean literally dozens and dozens of designs from which to choose, or they may have a limited handful of designs that they offer. No matter your choice of designs, however, note a few questions to ask, so you ensure nothing is overlooked when it comes to those plans and to having your new home constructed.

Ask about all the appliances

Note whether all appliances are included with your home plans and the construction costs, and don't overlook a garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave, central or split-system air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier and whatever other appliances you want included in your new home. In some cases, construction may include spaces for these appliances, but not the appliances themselves, or not certain smaller appliances like a microwave and dehumidifier. Whatever the case, make a list of appliances you want, and note if they're included or if you need to pay extra for them.

Ask about patio space

Your new home might include a spacious backyard, but this doesn't mean it will include an actual paved patio. It's good to find out what type of outdoor seating area the plans and construction will include because you might want to relocate it to a different area of the backyard or have awnings added to the home's exterior for shade. Having a concrete slab poured for the patio at the same time as the concrete for the home's foundation, rather than after the home is constructed, can mean less disruption to your family, so be sure to ask if this is included.

Ask about outlets

It may seem like a trivial thing, but adding electrical outlets in a home can be expensive and cumbersome; running electrical extension cords to certain outlets can also be dangerous. Those added cords are also very unsightly and cumbersome to wrap and unwrap.

This is why it's good to ask about outlets in the home plans and design; note how many are in the kitchen and accessible from the benchtops and how many are in the family room, where you'll keep the entertainment centre. Note, too, if there are outdoor outlets for lawn care equipment, a heating element on the patio and other such features. This will ensure you have all the plugs you need so you won't require the services of an electrician after your home is built.