Tree removal is sometimes necessary to eliminate trees that may be causing harm to the surrounding environment. Once a tree is removed, it may result in undesirable open spaces on the property. This may lead to higher energy bills during the summer or poorer growth of vegetation year-round.

It's a good idea to replace a felled tree by growing one that matures quickly and can provide the positive benefits that you may be missing on your property. Here are some tree species that you should consider as useful replacements.

Nutall Oak

Nutall oak, or red oak, is among the fastest growing oak tree species. Nutall oak can grow to provide a wide canopy that is useful for shading purposes. The tree is also relatively large and can keep the underlying soil compact to prevent soil erosion.

If you love nature, oak trees will also attract squirrels and deer who will feast on the fruits of the tree.

Red maple

The red maple is another fast-growing tree species. Growing at a rate of 1-1.5 metres a year, the tree develops a colourful canopy that can restore shade and privacy on your property. The tree can also reach its optimal height of 12 metres in as little as 12-14 years.

Lombardy poplar

The Lombardy poplar was originally native to Italy. This tree consists of a soft and brittle wood that is easy to work with when logging. Achieving heights of 15 metres in about 12-13 years, the Lombardy poplar can be a useful replacement for a felled tree in the neighbourhood.

Gum trees

The gum tree (eucalyptus tree) is a fast growing and highly stable tree species. They expand at a rate of about 1 metre a year and can achieve heights of 21 metres. Gum trees have long and slender barks that don't contain low-lying branches. This makes them an excellent alternative for the home because they don't produce cumbersome branches that may cause damage to people and property.

Weeping willow

Weeping willows are ideal for Australian homes in wetter climates. They can grow at quite a fast rate (as fast as 2.5 metres a year) and they are good choices in providing shade and privacy to the property.  There are also some hybrid weeping willow seeds that can do well in drier Australian climates.


The empress tree is an ideal choice for people desiring large and bushy canopies to replace a felled tree. Expect the empress to grow up to 15 metres in 20-25 years.