As you probably already know, most portable toilets empty waste into a chemical tank, where it is broken down. Sooner or later, someone needs to come along and empty the waste container to make room for more.

These portable toilets can be a fine for short-term use, but there is another option: the mains-connected portable toilet. These toilets are ideal in worksites where you can easily connect them to the existing mains sanitation; instead of letting waste gather in a tank, it's all flushed directly into the sewage system, essentially acting like any other toilet.

Here are just a few reasons why mains-connected portable toilets are such a good fit for worksites.  

Added Convenience

One of the most annoying things about regular portable toilets is the need for regular waste disposal. When you're on a worksite, it becomes inconvenient to keep tabs on how full the tanks are and when certain portable toilets need their tanks drained. The stress increases when you have more than one.

A mains-connected toilet is far more convenient since it will flush directly into the existing sewer system. There's no need to empty the toilet manually, and that's a godsend when you're working on one site for weeks at a time.

Better Hygiene

It's hard for people working on construction sites to keep themselves looking pristine—in fact, it's downright impossible. However, you should provide the facilities necessary for workers to properly clean their hands, and a mains-connected portable toilet fits the bill. These toilets can be fitted with cold and hot water basins, so anyone can pop inside and quickly use hot water to get their hands as clean as possible.

Of course, this also improves hygiene when workers have made full use of the toilet, and it's simply nicer to have a good supply of hot water available right in the middle of the site.

Nicer Fixtures

Finally, mains-connected portable toilets tend to offer far nicer fixtures than your average portaloo. Most include a hidden cistern with soap tray, a porcelain sink, and a porcelain toilet. You might be tempted to call these pointless creature comforts, but it's pleasant having such niceties on the job for your workers. If you're going to be working at the same site for some time, it only makes sense to make things feel as welcoming as possible; strange as it might seem, nicer fixtures are a part of that.

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