Without a doubt, seafront properties in Australia are one of the most sought-after in the real estate market. So if you have the money, chances are you will invest in a beautiful coastal home by the waterfront, However, once you acquire a seafront property, you have to deliberate on the best ways to secure it as well as enhance its functionality.

Thus, most homeowners will have to consult with marine contractors at one point. A structure that all seafront properties require is a bulkhead. This structure comprises of a rigid barrier that functions to secure land on one side and from water on the other side. Keep reading for reasons why you need a bulkhead if you have seafront property.

A bulkhead will save you money in the long-term

A typical reason why some homeowners may be sceptical about constructing a bulkhead is that it can be quite costly. However, these marine construction costs should be viewed as a lasting investment for the property at large. When you seafront property is not secured sufficiently, you will end up spending exorbitant amounts of money on the damages caused by frequent flooding and subsequent erosion. So, rather than waste money on fixes, you should invest that money in a bulkhead.

A bulkhead preserves your land

AS aforementioned, bulkheads function to keep your property protected from the sea. Hence, their primary purpose is to mitigate the risk of soil erosion. You may be under the assumption that the seafront will remain intact since this part of the land is regularly washed over by the waves. What you are not considering is the degree of lad loss that has been occurring before you purchased the seafront property.

Without a bulkhead, you could lose multiple feet of shoreline, and this decreases the land on your property substantially. When you have a bulkhead constructed, you are taking a precautionary measure to retain the soil on your property, and possibly keep your land above sea level.

A bulkhead can function as a boundary line

One of the surprising advantages of bulkheads is their ability to define your property line. When your marine contractors construct a high-quality bulkhead, it can run around your entire property. Thus, not only does it keep your beachline well-defined, but it also can prevent property disputes with nearby neighbours who do not have distinct boundary lines. As a bonus, the bulkheads can prevent any soil erosion from your neighbours' properties from transferring onto your land!