In Australia, the current market state of housing and property is pushing people to rent instead of purchasing a home. For most people, it is a more practical option than paying a huge amount upfront to buy a home. Majority of renters are aware of the stress caused by moving because there are things to do before the lease ends. You need to prepare before the end of lease cleaning. Here are some house cleaning tips you can follow:

Compile Your List Early

When you are about to leave your home, you need to do it as if you are the owner of the property. This means you need to write down every possession you are planning to bring, especially if the property is furnished. The company that will do the end-of-lease cleaning will not know if the item is yours or if it came with the house. You need to make sure nothing gets lost.

Fix Any Small Fixtures and Fittings That Need to be Repaired

During the end-of-lease cleaning, any small fixtures and fittings like ceiling fans, light switches and bulbs get neglected. You should pay attention to them and fix any issue you see to make sure that everything is in working condition. You should also take note of any stains and remove them so that the smaller issues can easily be taken care of. The renter is responsible for the cleanliness of the property and to pay for any damages.

Give Them Plenty of Notice

A lot of people move out all at one time, which is why you need to give the cleaning company plenty of notice. Most of the time, booking in advance is not really necessary, but a piece of special equipment might be needed. It will be disappointing if they arrive at your place and they are not ready to do the job.

Be Present During the Final Inspection

Make sure that you are there during the property's final inspection. Your landlord or a property manager will do this. If there are any issues or damages that need to be fixed, you can resolve it with them right away at that moment. You might have to do some more cleaning, but that is fine.

An end-of-lease cleaning takes preparation, and you want to make sure that nothing is forgotten before the cleaners do their job. This could be an exciting time for you, but remember to do the important things first.