Cladding improves the strength of buildings by providing an extra protection layer. Although cladding is a traditional method, its visible benefits have enabled it to remain relevant up to date. Architects and designers use many materials for the cladding purpose, and the leading one is the use of weatherboards. 

Weatherboard cladding provides a unique architectural heritage look, which improves the aesthetics of a building. If you are looking for an ideal protective material for your house, check out the benefits of using timber weatherboard cladding.


Weatherboards offer long-lasting cladding protection for your home. They consist of high-quality timber materials, and they, therefore, keep the house safe from the extreme weather conditions. Unlike some materials, such as brick, the weatherboards are also resistant to termites and fire. Although termites can sometimes pose a threat to wood, the architects remove all sugars and starches in the wood, making it impossible for termites to survive in the wood.

Wide range of choices

Timber weatherboards come in a variety of profiles, colours, textures and designs. The wide array of options allows the user to select the best for their specific needs. Additionally, you can easily paint or change the old model of your old weatherboard cladding to improve the appearance of your house. The vast choices can easily confuse you, and it is, therefore, advisable to research thoroughly and look for advice regarding the various designs.

Easy installation and maintenance

The process of installing timber weatherboard cladding is often faster compared to that of other materials. The weatherboards are easy to bend and to curve into the desired designs, making them easy to install. Also, maintaining the weatherboards is easy, meaning that the cladding maintains a clean appearance over time. The only maintenance tip to observe is wiping, which you may occasionally need to do, depending on your location.

Beautiful appearance

Timber weatherboard cladding enhances the natural appearance of the house, making it look newer and modern. There are many types of timber, and each wood has its colour and features. If the main reason for cladding is to make your house beautiful, you will select a weatherboard whose colour and other elements match the different aspects of your home. If you intend to sell the house, the right choice of weatherboard cladding can significantly increase your returns.

Weatherboard cladding offers a cost-effective and reliable method of property protection. If you would like to try the method, look for experienced constructors and contractors within your state to help you in the installation process. To learn more about weatherboard cladding, consult a resource in your area.