When moving into your new house after construction, it is important to be keen on the security aspects of your custom building. In general, the security of a house will depend on the integrity of the locks and the safety of the keys. If you have a high-quality door with a suitable lock installed, unauthorised access will be limited. However, you should note that poor upkeep of the locks and keys will lead to a decline in door security. Here are a few simple tips to keep your new house secure through proper maintenance:

Inspect the New Door

The positioning of the doors in your home can influence the service life of your locks. In simple terms, if the door is not in the optimal position and does not fit perfectly in the frame, the lock will be more susceptible to damage. As a result, it might fail within a short period. Therefore, ensure that the doors hang just right. In addition, avoid poor habits like slamming the doors which could cause the locks to fall out of alignment.

Protect Your Keys

You should protect your keys from damage. When your keys are in poor condition, they will not open the locks efficiently. In addition, their wear could result in lockouts. Therefore, you should make time to clean your keys. Eliminate dust and general grime from the surfaces. Accumulation of foreign materials will accelerate corrosion. You should also consider keeping your keys in a safe place where there will be minimal risk of falls.

Repair Damaged Locks

It is important to check on the condition of the locks and conduct immediate repairs. If a lock's internal mechanism is not smooth, accidents could happen during operation. For instance, the keys could get jammed in the locks or even break within the hole. Therefore, you should take note of signs of lock malfunctions and conduct repairs as needed. Repairs might be as simple as cleaning out grime from the keyhole. You might also need to tighten loose components in the unit.

Consider the Weather

Finally, the door locks can be damaged by inclement weather. Poor weather will exert pressure on the door, increasing the strain on the lock. Additionally, expansion and contraction could occur due to extreme temperature in adverse weather. Therefore, you should make time after poor conditions to inspect the door and the locks. If you notice any forms of damage, consult your home contractor for further evaluation of the issue and immediate repairs.