If you own a detached home that may stretch over two storeys, it may have been some time since you last painted the exterior, and, truth be told, it may be starting to show its age. It is very important to keep up with maintenance like this, of course, and you need to slot this task into your busy schedule. If this is a job that you have not done before at this property but wish to tackle yourself, should you think about hiring some scaffolding or rely on your ladder?

Being Realistic

Many people find painting to be therapeutic and relish the chance to be outside anyway. Yet you should not underestimate the scale of the challenge ahead, especially when it comes to working at an elevated position.


If you use a suitable ladder with extension, then you may well be able to reach the upper storey, but you might have to stretch to get underneath some of those eaves or to reach behind a drainage downpipe in a tricky corner.

Interrupted Productivity

You may also rue your decision if you have to climb up and down a few times too many. You may need to change a paintbrush or get some more paint, or simply need a break to relax those tense muscles.

Safety First

Some people do not mind working at a height, but if the weather is windy, you'll certainly need to pay attention to your safety. You will also need to climb down that ladder again to move over to a new part of the wall as there is, of course, a limit to how far you can stretch.


Think about the alternative if you hire some scaffolding instead. Certainly, this is going to be an additional cost, but you'll be able to make relatively short work of the job once it is in place. Safety is much less of an issue, and you will be able to walk from one part of the wall to another to continue your work without interruption. You won't need to waste any time scrambling down or up the ladder and can easily take a break, in place, for a quick snack.

Time Flies

Time may be of the essence for you, and if so, scaffolding is the only way to go. With this structure in place, you will probably be able to complete the whole task in one weekend, but it could take you a great deal longer if you decide to stick with your ladder.

To learn more about scaffold hire, chat with a scaffolding company.