Some people are under the misconception that a home built around a timber frame is somehow inferior to one made from block construction. It's important to understand the real story and to consider timber frame as a viable solution in all situations. What are some of the most common misconceptions in this area?

Sourced and Prepared

When responsibly sourced, handled and treated, timber is equally as strong as block or brick construction. Only the highest quality is used in building construction. This means that the wood is preserved to make sure that it has the right amount of moisture content and that it will last for a long time in situ.


Timber is also well placed to cope with climatic extremes and can deal with the heat of the Australian summer equally as well as a cold winter snap. Timber has excellent thermal properties and a degree of flexibility, which means that it is perfectly capable of adapting to the weather without issue.

Solid and Insulated

A home that is built with a timber frame is just as "solid" as one that is built with masonry. The spacing between the frame and external wall will be insulated to federal standards, and this means that it is both energy-efficient and soundproof at the same time. Typically, a layer of block or brickwork will be applied to the exterior which will be separated from the timber frame by a thermal membrane and then connected to the frame itself using high-quality timber studs.

Treated and Protected

The timber will also be treated before it is used so that it can deter rot or fungus and can maintain its durability. The wood frame will also be contained within an external "capsule" made of block or brickwork, which will act as a strong deterrent in the event of a fire.

Best All-Around Solution

Remember, a home that is based on masonry construction will nevertheless have many wooden elements within, separating the floors or holding up the roof. In every case, timber, when properly prepared and installed, is a proven product and perfectly suitable for your next home project. You may also be able to get sections of a new wood-frame home created offsite and shipped, ready for installation to your property. This can cut down on the amount of time involved and the subsequent cost.

Talk with your builders and designers and plan to build the home of your dreams using timber frame construction.

To learn more about structural timber, contact timber suppliers in your area.