The main reason why skylight windows are installed is to allow natural light into a particular room or space. This not only makes a space look beautiful and spacious but uplifts your spirits as well. Natural light also helps you save on energy costs because you don't need to turn on any lights during the day. Here are some important things you need to know about skylight windows:

Where Are Skylight Windows Installed?

Skylight windows are installed on roofs. They can either provide light to your entire house, a particular room or an attic. They mostly help turn attics into beautiful and spacious spaces that make you forget you are in an attic.

What Are the Different Types of Skylights You Might Come Across?

You might either come across fixed, automated or manual skylight windows.

Fixed Skylight Windows – You cannot open these skylight windows; you can, however, have a vent installed if you need some kind of ventilation.

Automated Skylight Windows – These skylight windows are installed on roofs that cannot be easily reached. You can open or close them using a remote.

Manual Skylight Windows – These skylight windows are installed on roofs that can be accessed, for example, from the attic. They are opened manually where you open a latch and push or pull the window to open and close. 

What Features Should You Look Out for?

UV Blocking Properties – The sun emits light and also harmful UV rays. Your skylight should protect you from these harmful rays.

Radiant Heat Blocking Properties (Low-E Glazing) – You need a skylight window that reduces overheating of your space. You, of course, want light, but not the excessive heat that comes with the sun's rays.

Waterproof – Your skylight window should also protect you from rainfall, meaning that they should not leak when it rains or get damaged by water. 

Presence of a Flyscreen – A flyscreen is important in preventing insects from accessing your space. A flyscreen does not affect how much light enters your space, it just blocks insects and debris.

What Happens If You Don't Want Light in Your House?

There are times when you might want your house dark to accomplish a specific task or activity; because of such times, you might find that some skylight windows may be installed with a manual or automated opaque cover.

The cover can be pulled over the skylight window when you do not require natural light. A manual cover is installed on easily accessible skylight windows like an attic skylight window, and an automated cover is installed on hard to reach skylight windows.

For more information about skylight windows, reach out to a professional near you.