Do you intend to renovate your home? A well-planned renovation project can significantly enhance the appeal and value of your home. So how can you conduct a home renovation project? Below are some home renovation tips.

Tip 1: Start With An Inspection

Inspect the property to determine the scope of the renovation works. For instance, you may be aware of broken shingles, floor problems or leaking drainage in your home. However, you may not know of salt damp or a pest infestation in your attic or foundation. Write a list of all the potential problems in your home. Categorise the works as urgent, pending or long term. This list will assist you when planning the renovation works. 

Tip 2: Consider Home Improvement Works

Conduct some home improvement works as you renovate the property. For example, you could improve the energy efficiency of the property by installing double glazed windows, skylights and a solar power system. Alternatively, you could improve the interior by pulling down some walls to promote open living. A good landscape will improve the curb appeal of your property. As such, install a new driveway and pavements and plant fresh flowers and shrubs.

Tip 3: Work With An Experienced Contractor

Hire an experienced contractor to help you renovate your home. The contractor should provide a proposal detailing how they will execute the renovation works. Ideally, the proposal should divide the project into different phases. For example, you could start with the floor, followed the interior and the roof. If you intend to live in your home as the contractor renovates the property, the project should be well organised to minimise disruption in your family life. 

Tip 4: Budgeting

Your contractor should provide a quote detailing how much you need to renovate the property. They should help you cut the costs of property renovation. For example, if you want to renovate the floors, the contractor could advise you to go for engineered wood with a warranty instead of buying expensive solid wood. Most financial institutions will provide loans to people with inadequate funds. If this is the case, consult a mortgage broker or a conveyancer to help you negotiate the terms of the loan. 

Tip 5: Execution

You will require permits from your local council to conduct the renovation works. It happens when you need to alter the structural features such as the foundation and pillars. Your contractor must observe safety at the site. For example, they should beware of dangerous materials such as asbestos. Besides, the contractor should have adequate insurance coverage.

When renovating your property, inspect the house, consider improvement works, work with an experienced contractor and observe the recommended budgeting and execution works.

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