Is the lease on your retail outlet coming to end? If you need to close your business or if you are planning to move it to a new location, then it's likely that you have a clause in your lease agreement that requires you to return your shop to the condition it was in when you took out the lease. When you need to strip out all of the fittings in your unit, then you should call a company that specialises in retail defit services. Carrying out a retail defit will enable you to satisfy the terms of your lease and the new leaseholder to move in and immediately arrange the premises in the way that best suits their business.

Choosing a retail defit company

Whether you are relocating or moving to new premises, there will always be a lot to do, and stripping out your premises isn't always a high priority. Frequently, arranging a retail defit can be left until the very end when the clock is already starting to run down. When the situation needs to be dealt with quickly, it's essential that you have a retail defit company that you can trust to get the job done so that you will be able to meet the terms of your lease and comply with the agreed handover conditions. You will need to look for an established company with plenty of proven experience in carrying out retail defit services on premises which are similar to yours. You will have to think about pricing, of course, but reliability and availability will always be your first concern.

What should you expect the retail defit company to do?

When you speak to a prospective retail defit company, it is important that you make clear to them exactly what is needed. Services which you might ask them to carry out include inspecting and repairing the floor, ceiling, and walls of the retail unit. They should also reinstate any walls or fixtures that have been removed during your tenancy. Ask about removing or reconfiguring the fire safety systems in the unit as well as what they do about recycling or disposing of any movable items left in the unit. 

To find out precisely what services they are able to offer, you should speak to a local retail defit company today. They will be pleased to answer all of your questions and to explain how their services can help you to meet the requirements of your lease.