Bathrooms are generally one of the smallest rooms in the home, and often they have less space than you'd ideally like. When you're renovating a small bathroom, the limited space also means you'll have fewer options available style-wise if you want to keep the room from feeling cramped and tight.

However, choosing the right fittings and features can go a long way when it comes to maximising space and creating the visual effect of spaciousness and airiness. One of the key features that will make a big impact is the choice of tile for bathroom splashbacks. Here are four ideas for getting the new tile splashback right in your small bathroom.

1. Choose large tiles

Although large tiles are most commonly used in larger bathrooms, they can also work equally well in a smaller space. These oversized tiles create a visual illusion that will help to make the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. These are preferable to smaller tiles, which can make the bathroom feel fussy and closed in.

2. Opt for light-coloured tiles

Sticking to a light palette in a small room is a common tactic used by interior designers to make small, dark rooms feel larger and brighter. This tactic can be utilised when choosing your splashback tiles, which make up a large percentage of your wall space. Opt for white, off-white or very pale stone hues, and team them with a similar colour for the walls and fixtures.

3. Stick to a glossy finish

Matte tiles are a big trend in interior design right now, but they're not the best choice in a small bathroom. A matte finish will suck in the light and does nothing to encourage a roomy feel in a tiny space. Instead, opt for a high-gloss tile that provides a reflective surface. If you find that a high-gloss finish is too much for your tastes, you can compromise with a semi-gloss finish that still reflects light but is less intense.

4. Think about the tile orientation

The way you have your new tiles installed is another way that you can play with the line of sight in your bathroom to make it feel larger. If your bathroom has high ceilings but is short on floor space, tiles that are installed horizontally can make it feel wider and longer. If the ceiling is low, vertically installed tiles can make the space between the floor and the ceiling appear taller.