At a basic level, tree removal involves taking down the body of the tree to its stump. You then choose whether to leave the stump or have it ground out. The tree's root system is generally left alone. Without the tree, or its stump, the roots stop growing.

However, there are times when you may want your tree removal contractor to take out all of the tree, including its roots. When is this a good idea?

1. The Roots Are Causing Damage

Even smaller trees can have large root systems. If roots grow too close to your home, then they can cause damage in a couple of ways.

For example, if roots are close to your underground drainage or sewage pipes, they can break the pipes and start to move into them. The pipes may get blocked, and you'll have to get a plumber to fix the damage.

Alternatively, if roots have grown close to your foundations, they can affect your home itself. Its structure may shift if roots disturb the ground under it.

2. The Roots Are in the Way

If you're removing a tree because you want to build a structure on the land like a gazebo or granny flat, then you need clear ground under the building. If there is a risk that roots will disturb the build or the structure itself once it's up, then it's better to remove them.

This reduces the risk of future damage. The building will sit on flat land with nothing significant underneath.

3. The Roots Are Growing Up

If you're removing an old, large tree, then it may have an extensive root system. If it's been growing for years, these roots may have spread all over your garden. Some of them may be pretty big.

Sometimes, roots don't stay underground; some can push up into your garden. On a basic level, these roots may make your lawn bumpy and uneven. If you want a perfectly landscaped lawn, then this may not be possible.

Some roots may even start poking through the earth and stick out of your lawn. If you want to even things out and get rid of protruding roots, then consider removing them

If you aren't sure whether to have your roots removed when you have your tree taken down, talk to your tree removal contractor. Tell them why you think the roots are a problem, and they can give you advice on the best solution.