The moment you find out that your foundation is in jeopardy, it is likely that you are more than willing to get the project underway for the sake of the integrity of your home. But one of the main concerns that a majority of homeowners will have is the cost of the project. While you may want to get a quotation right away and then determine if you have the money at hand, the reality is that underpinning projects do not work that way. A host of factors will have a direct impact on the cost of your project, and the only way around it is for the damage contractors to determine what the project will entail. So what will influence the cost of your underpinning project?

Which foundation do you have?

Some people tend to be under the impression that all foundations are the same, but this is incorrect. The foundation that was constructed on your home will depend on the specific factors surrounding the construction of the property so it is essential to establish the type before the repairs can be underway. A few of the most common kinds of foundation that you will come across include raised foundations, concrete slabs, basement foundations and pier foundations. Underpinning tends to be the most common form of repairs that are carried out on damaged foundations, but it will be challenging to employ it on pier foundations. Therefore, if your damage contractors need to take extraneous measures to repair the foundation, it will cost more.

What caused the foundation damage?

Another factor that will dictate the cost of the underpinning of your foundation will be the primary reason why it acquired damage in the first place. In general, a few of the reasons why your foundation will become compromised include settlement, an unfavourable soil type, moisture ingress, root intrusion and so on. However, you should note that if the root causes were multiple rather than singular, then the damage contractors would have to engage in labour-intensive repairs to restore the structural integrity of the foundation. 

What is the magnitude of the damage?

The more work that needs to be done to underpin the foundation, the more it will cost. Thus, it is essential for the contractors to assess the degree of the damage before they can provide you with an estimate for the cost of foundation underpinning. If the verandah of your house, for instance, is pulling away due to foundation damage, the repairs will be less arduous than if the entire house was subsiding. You should also note that if the shifting soil is right beneath the house rather than around it, this will potentially cost more.

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