When your garage door starts opening spontaneously on its own, it can be incredibly confusing. These doors are only supposed to function at your prompting, so the moment they start to exhibit signs of having their own mind, then you should be worried about safety concerns. For instance, it could mean they could fall on innocent bystanders. Not to mention at if the garage door is opening on its own it could happen at night and put your residence at risk of intruders. The moment that you notice this happening, it is crucial to determine the cause so that you can seek garage door repairs as needed to remedy the issue immediately. Read on to determine if you need garage door repair once the garage door starts to open on its own.

The buttons on the opener are sticky

If you or your family members tend to use the remote wit dirty hands, it is only a matter of time before the buttons accumulate the grime and start to stick onto the keypad. This stickiness is what will prompt your garage door to open spontaneously, and over time the entire remote can be challenging to use. The best course of action in this scenario is to have the remote replaced, but you should have a garage door technician ensure that it is compatible with your garage door opener.

The opener has been exposed to a power surge

Power surges can happen in your home either from an overloaded circuit in your home or a lightning strike. The same way that it can have an adverse impact on plugged in appliances is the same way that it can damage your garage door opener. If the opener is unresponsive, you should seek garage door repairs so that the technicians can determine if it indeed was exposed to a power surge. When this happens, the opener may not have visible signs of damage but it will be unscrambled, which means it cannot be re-programmed. You will have to purchase a new opener and have your garage door specialists program it for your door. 

The wiring is damaged

Another typical reason why your garage door may stop functioning is the wiring becoming compromised. A myriad of things can cause damage to the wiring. For instance, a rodent infestation could mean rats have eaten through the wiring, and this can cause the garage door to open on its own. On the other hand, an exposed wire could also impede the door from closing, which will manifest in the garage door seemingly opening spontaneously. Opting for garage door repairs will ensure that the damaged wiring is replaced.