As a waterfront property owner, you likely have a sea wall or retaining wall of some kind. What you may not have is fencing that runs the length of the property around the waterfront area. This fencing needs to be durable, provide security and add to your kerb appeal. One way to do this is to work with a steel fabrication contractor and your fencing contractor. Here are a few of the ways a fabricator can help you create the fencing you need for your waterfront property.

Guard Rails

One of the key components you will need for your waterfront property fencing is a guard rail. The guard rail can be a portion of your fencing, or it can be a separately fabricated portion that goes on the inside or outside of the fence. The purpose of the guard rail with waterfront fencing is to give an increased durability to the fencing you choose. This helps reduce chances of the fence line failing during weather or during impacts to the fence line. By using a steel fabrication contractor, you can ensure that you are getting a guard rail that matches your landscaping design and looks less industrial without losing the integrity and durability you need.

Powder Coating

You may not think of powder coating when it comes to your steel fabrication or waterfront fencing. The truth is powder coating can offer benefits to your fencing by giving an added layer of weather-resistant protection. It will offer an added layer of durability as well. This means that your fence may last longer and hold up better during extreme storms and tidal surges that would normally affect your fencing in negative ways. The powder coating is available in various colours to fit your landscaping needs.

Gate Fabrication

One of the issues you may have with the design and development of your waterfront property fencing is the gate. You may want a gate at the entrance of your property, but you also may want one to lead to the dock or pier you have as well. The problem with many steel gates is the industrial look of them. When you use a steel fabrication contractor, you can have a gate designed to fit your needs. They can work with your design to create a gate that is patterned, meets certain measurements you are looking for and meets the durability you need. 

When you are ready to have your fencing design fabricated and installed, contact your steel fabrication contractor and your fencing contractor. They can work together to help create and install the waterfront property fencing. They can also help answer questions regarding design, pricing and installation. If you need ongoing maintenance, your fencing contractors can give you referral options.