Whether you work in a restaurant, a school kitchen, a hotel or a supermarket, you probably rely on your freezers or walk-in cool rooms to keep your food fresh until it is needed. Should your systems fail it is vital to hire a refrigeration repair company to make the needed repairs. Not only will the lack of a freezer greatly inconvenience your operations and cost you money in spoiled food but it could also cause you serious reputational damage. A failed freezer could prevent you from effectively serving your customers causing to go elsewhere, perhaps never to return.

Call in the experts

Instead of panicking when you notice a problem with your refrigeration systems you must accept that you need a refrigeration repair and your first action must be to call for a team of experienced refrigeration repair engineers. Qualified engineers will be able to quickly diagnose the fault and get your freezer or cool room working properly without before the situation develops and becomes a major incident.  

Which company should you call?

Accepting that you need a refrigeration repair company is important but selecting the right company is even more critical. When you are considering different repair companies you will need to consider two main factors: their speed and their quality. 

A fast response is vital for refrigeration repair companies. You will, if possible, want to stop your freezers becoming too warm. In addition, you must ensure that you can plan future food deliveries with the confidence that you will have somewhere to put the frozen food when it arrives. Seek a refrigeration repair company that is capable of responding to an emergency fast, whether your call reaches them in the morning or the middle of the night.

When assessing the quality of the engineers work you will want to know that they have relevant experience on freezers which are similar to yours. Ask them about whether they are familiar with your manufacturer and whether they will stock the correct spare parts to make any replacements which may be needed. If you are forced to wait for replacement parts to be ordered then your freezer could be out of action for an extended period causing you serious problems.

Many refrigeration faults can be prevented by regular maintenance so it is always worth talking to your refrigeration repair company and asking them if they can establish an ongoing maintenance routine to catch most faults before they develop and cause a system failure.